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Sunday 05/12 2021
Metrology Inspection
About this
About this

The dimensional inspection of parts whether they are for airframes or ground based vehicles it is a critical function to assure proper fit, form or function of the item or device. Aerosync performs theses specialized service using Highly advanced measuring equipment to retrieve dimensional data, and compare to original models that we create or are generally provided by the client. Our team has over 20 plus years experience in this specific field and provide professional service for all industries.

We offer these services in-house or on-site around the globe 24/7. Every item measured comes with a full inspection report showing dates, times and any deviations to the original data model.

About this


Aerosync Provides Inspection services for:

  • Aerospace
  • Marine
  • Railway
  • Automotive
  • Generation Plants
  • Oil Platforms