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Sunday 05/12 2021
Fixture Design
About this
About this

Aerosync specializes in the manufacture of high quality Jigs & Holding fixtures for the Helicopter and Fixed Wing market.

We utilize quality tool steel, Hi Grade machined aluminum plates, and carry out quality CAD & Anodized finished details assuring attractive and fully functional tools that last for years.

Our teams experience in tool making exceeds 30 years allowing us to take advantage of the latest methods and designs to provide the customer the best tools on the market.

About this


Sikorsky Helicopter Fixtures
S61 Series: Star Fixture / Tailcone / Pylon
S76 Series: Tailcone
S70 / UH60 Series: Fuselage / Tailcone / Pylon
S92 Series: Fuselage / Tailcone / Pylon (In Development)

Bell Helicopter Fixtures
Bell Jet Ranger: Fuselage / Tailboom
Bell Long Ranger: Fuselage / Tailboom
Bell Medium Series: Fuselage / Tailboom
Bell 214B / ST: Fuselage / Tailboom

Agusta Helicopter Fixtures
AW 119: Fuselage / Tailboom
AW 109 Series: Fuselage / Tailboom
AW 139: Fuselage / Tailboom